Signbond® (Aluminium Composite Panel)



Using a special high-level polyester paint, Signbond comes with a high glossy surface one side and matt finish on the other. The aluminium sides are .2mm on our 3mm sheets which provides for an extremely flat, flawless, smooth surface that is lightweight.

Signbond can be sculptured, folded, rolled without deformation, wrinkling or delaminating and has an easy peel protective film

Product Information

Key Features

  • Super peeling strength
  • Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
  • Weather, corrosion and pollutant resistance
  • Ink adhesion properties
  • Impact resistance
  • Light weight and easy to process
  • Easy to maintain

Applications and Functions

  • Signage
  • Shop fitting and design
  • Manufacture of point of sale displays
  • Trade stand designs
  • Transport
  • Partitioning, wall linings and suspended ceilings
  • Industrial applications

Availability of Signbond®:

  • Size (mm): 2440mm x 1220mm to 4000mm x 2000mm
  • Thickness (mm): The aluminium sides of Signbond™ are 0.2mm (3.0mm sheets) and 0.3mm (4.0mm sheets)


  • Red,
  • Green,
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Charcoal
  • Brushed Alumiumium
  • Gold Mirro
  • Silver
  • Black
  • White


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