Acrylic DONCHAMP® Splash Pool Windows / Aquariums



DONCHAMP® Splash cast acrylic block panel is a specially developed acrylic grade, which is highly weather resistant (30-year Clear limited manufacturer's warranty), excellent clarity & optical properties, exceptional mechanical properties & rigidity, simple to fabricate (cut, bend & polish) whilst enhancing the cosmetic appearance of your aquarium or pool surround.

The combination of functional and visual attraction makes DONCHAMP® Splash panels an excellent choice for aquatic viewing window applications. The transparency of the panels opens the landscape of the aquarium, whilst offering a view into the underwater environment and enabling protection to the public. DONCHAMP® Splash also can be easily transported, having approx. 11 times the break resistance of glass & considerably lower weight. Light surface marks on Splash® can be polished & marks removed.

DONCHAMP® Splash through its unique manufacturing process has one of the highest transparent substrate surface hardness, enabling ease of use in numerous commercial high traffic applications.


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Product Information

Key Features

  • Excellent strength / high mechanical properties & surface hardness.
  • Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Superior optical properties (meeting ISO standards)
  • Engineered to 30-year design criteria.
  • High rigidity.
  • Dimensionally stability.
  • Exceptional UV stability (30-year manufacturer’s warranty).
  • Light weight.

Applications and Functions

  • Aquarium glazing such as cylinders, tunnels, flat and
    curved glazing supported on four and three sides.
    Larger sizes can be produced using butt joints;
  • Animal exhibits in zoos and theme parks
  • Swimming pool walls, windows, wet edges
  • Architectural applications 


  • Size (mm):  
    9300 x 3000
    7800 x 3000
    7300 x 3000
    6800 x 3000
    6300 x 2800
    6100 x 2900
    5300 x 2800
    5020 x 2200
    4900 x 2500
    4900 x 2500
    4800 x 2900
    3970 x 1970
    3000 x 2000 (lower thickness range)
    2440 x 1220 (lower thickness range)

  • Thickness (mm): 30mm - 750mm (thinner gauges also available).

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