Rock chips, stars, and bullseye dings, pitting and abrasion wear that accelerates more rapidly at the track, vandals, and various other incidents have warranted repair or replacement to many windshields. Dealing with the issue is time consuming and costly, but now Allplastics Engineering provides a solution all across Australia.

ClearPlex® is a multi-layered and optically clear transparent film that adheres to the windshield. It is designed to cushion impacts that can damage unprotected glass on private and public vehicles, leaving only a minimal pin-point on the film.

ClearPlex® is abrasion resistant, and it is guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack or yellow. It also features UV stabilizers which reduce the amount of heat in your vehicle and helps prolong the life of your interior. With its polarized finish, the film can help reduce glare.

ClearPlex® can easily be installed on the windshield of cars, buses, planes,  trains and boats iin a very timely manner. The film is applied using waterbased glue and it can easily be removed or replaced. Please note that the installation of ClearPlex® must be performed by an expert technician or recommended installer.

The windshield is responsible for about 20% of a vehicle's structural integrity. An intact windshield can prevent a vehicle from roof from collapsing in an overturn, and it can help to keep passengers inside the car. ClearPlex® film can help to preserve a windshield in an accident, thereby protecting the vehicle occupants and the vehicle itself.

Product Information

Key Features

  • Easy to install on any glass or clear plastic surface

  • Abrasion and shock resistant
  • UV rated
  • Optically clear
  • Can sustain multiple and severe shocks
  • Its multi-layered structure absorbs all the damage and preserves the glass from shattering or cracking

Applications and Functions

  • Car, Train, Boat, Bus windshields

  • Any flat surface that needs to be protected from external impacts
  • Mobile and computer screens


ClearPlex® Film is available in 3’ (915mm), 4’ (1220mm), 5’ (1525mm) and 6’ (1830mm) wide rolls, all 100’ (30.4m) long. Please contact our Sales department for custom orders and enquiries. 

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