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Welcome to Allplastics

Sealed With a Kiss - Encapsulation

thumb Encapsulation---Sealed-with-a-Kiss

Allplastics offer a unique service of encapsulation and embedding objects and paper in highly polished acrylic blocks. Our technique and experience will guarantee that you receive a beautifully crafted finish for your artistic creation or shop fit out. In the picture you can see a set of lipsticks encapsulated to create a unique and eye-catching effect for a cosmetic shop fit out.




Allplastics Launches Stunning Dekodur™ Laminates

thumb Restaurant-Bar-Dekodur-Cladding

Allplastics has launched the brand new line of Dekodur™ decoradive panels in Australia. Dekodur is the world's first CO2-neutral high pressure laminate (HPL) free of formaldehyde and phenols. New ideas require innovative materials to keep up with them: translucent laminated panels as well as surfaces covered with real gold leaf, fig tree bark or glass allow an even wider spectrum of uses. Claddings for walls or ceilings, doors or frames, furniture, company nameplates, counters and displays as well as fitting out shops, trade-fair stands, ships and railway carriages are just a few examples. Dekodur™ allows unique, innovative and creative cladding solutions in a flourishing range of 3500 metal, nature, and artistic finishes. Below you can find just a few of the numerous applications where Dekodur™ could be the ideal solution.


Polypropylene Sheets and Rods from Allplastics


Polypropylene is a highly chemical resistant plastic available from Allplastics. This material is lightweight, and has a better strength and higher temperature rating than polyethylene. It is easily fabricated, formed, and welded. Thus, it is ideal for use in corrosion resistant applications. It exhibits good electrical properties and is non toxic for food contact. Please note that we offer machining and fabrication services.




About Us

Allplastics Engineering Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian business specialising in the machining, fabrication and supply of polymer/ plastic materials for industrial, building and architectural applications.

With the experience of more than 30 years

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