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Welcome to Allplastics

Rowlux® Illusion Film in Polycarbonate Tubes at Euston Club


Euston is a quiet, scenic river town in the south of New South Wales, Australia. The Euston Club Riverfront Resort has the natural beauty of the Murray River with its towering gums as a backdrop.

The Club has just completed an extensive renovation programme to its entertainment, café, dining and accommodation facilities. Abeo Architects designed the café and dining area. Kelvin Murray at Abeo Architects chose Rowlux® Illusion film with yellow-red with serpentine pattern from Allplastics. The film was inserted into clear polycarbonate unbreakable tubes and the LED lighting outcome is a stunning one!



Polycarbonate offers an alternative to Glass Awning


Designers have been exploring various options to replace glass in roofing and awning applications in order to reduce costs and handling hazards.

Allplastics recently provided a builder with 12 mm thick UV grade unbreakable polycarbonate panels which were CNC Routed to the curved shapes designed by the architect.



Transparent, Acoustically Effective Ceiling Panels in Harmony with Architecture


The current contemporary architecture is the utilisation of ever larger areas of glass or acrylic. Increasingly, newly constructed or refurbished communications areas fail to meet even minimal acoustic requirements necessary for their use. The pursuit of transparency and good acoustics do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Allplastics offers you AIR-board® Acoustic as its transparent sandwich panels consisting of micro-perforated translucent outer layers and a transparent honeycomb core gives you a high level of sound absorption with unique appearance and functionality. Airboard Acoustic is used to improve the room acoustic and sound absorption for special projects.



About Us

Allplastics Engineering Pty Ltd is are a privately owned Australian business specialising in the machining, fabrication and supply of polymer/ plastic materials for industrial, building and architectural applications.

With the experience of more than 30 years

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