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Hygiene & Safety Barriers

What Choices are Available for Clear Hygiene Barriers?

No doubt you have noticed that clear sneeze guards and hygiene barriers have appeared in nearly every store and service centre since the arrival of Covid19.

Just about any business you can think of that is open to the public has taken the initiative to protect their employees, customers and visitors by installing clear acrylic or polycarbonate screens. These screens provide safety whilst maximising transparency.So, what are the available choices and how should institutions such as schools, universities and workplaces be ready for once certain restrictions have been lifted by the government?

Allplastics Engineering has been fabricating hundreds of these over the last 2 months, applying the company’s 40-year experience in the industry.

screen1Firstly, clear bent acrylic sneeze guards are made to the user’s requirements, generally from 4.5mm or 6mm thick acrylic with a base that can be attached to a counter or benchtop. These can be fabricated as individual units for each counter or in a continuous barrier with customized cut-outs at the bottom.

Acrylic Known in the industry as PMMA (Polymathy Methacrylate) is widely recognized with brands such as Perspex, Plexiglas is a rigid thermoplastic that’s more economic and shatterproof alternative to glass with half the weight of glass options.

barrier2The second option in hygiene barriers is designed for applications where they need to be flat packed for ease of transport and for quick assembly. Polycarbonate in 4.5mm thick or 6mm thick is cut to shapes with matching slotted interlocking “Feet” with double sided tape. “Feet” that can go on a counter or a desk. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and 250 times the strength of normal glass.

Polycarbonate is well-known with brands such as Lexan, Makrolon, Tuffak and Paltuff. It offers the unique features of being lightweight and being virtually unbreakable ideal material for security glazing.

Hygiene & Safety Barriers

We offer a diverse range of finishes that are extensively used in the health and aged care sector.
Clear Mar Resistant coated Polycarbonate panels utilized for counters and barriers.
Cut to Size Polycarbonate Mirror for projects where glass is not suitable.
Decorative and durable PEP® Core or AIR-board® Composite panels for reception counters or room glazing.
Corner guards and wall protection lining from the Pawling range of colours.
We can also fabricate custom made clear or coloured acrylic items for use in the hospital, laboratory or research centres.

Dear Customer,

RE: COVID – 19 Novel Coronavirus

In response to recent events surrounding the COVID – 19 (Novel Coronavirus) outbreak, Allplastics Engineering would like to provide you with some reassurance around the steps we have taken to ensure the safety of our people and the continuity of our service throughout this challenging time.

Here’s what we are doing to take care of our staff:

  • We have provided education to staff on:We have placed a ban on all non-essential travel
    • Personal Hygiene in line with department of health recommendations
    • High risk countries for travel(personal/holiday travel)
    • What to do if in contact with anyone from a high-risk area
    • What to do if a member of family/household is diagnosed with COVID – 19
  • We are stopping our staff from having any unnecessary face to face client contact and meetings.
  • We have upgraded our cleaning regime to be completely comprehensive, making hand sanitizer available to staff for cleaning workstations, equipment and data units before and after usage
  • We have communicated with all sub-contractors and have held meetings with suppliers to highlight the above and reinforce their personal obligations in relation to this matter.
  • Installed Acrylic Clear Barriers at our reception counter
  • Minimize the risk of staff contact by allocation of separate offices upstairs meeting 4 square meter per person prerequisite.
  • Minimize factory staff contact by reducing the number of employees working at the same time.

Here’s what we are doing to ensure continuity of service:

Allplastics Engineering already has a robust Business Continuity Plan(BCP) in place. In the event that our operation is forced to reduce staff numbers or shut down for a short period of time, our BCP will take effect allowing for all key operational staff to work remotely should any number of individual employees or entire site be quarantined.

Allplastics Engineering will continue to follow all advice provided by the Australian Government and Department of Health in responding to this situation and will escalate measures as recommended or necessary involving appropriate parties/ authorities throughout the process.

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