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Cut to Size 


Allplastics Engineering & Architectural Plastics

PERSPEX Frost Skylights

PERSPEX Frost Crystal Clear

 Allplastics Architectural and Building division offers the architect; designer and project manager a diverse range of finishes and colour choices for exterior and interior applications.

Skylights provide natural light and warmth in winter in residential and commercial buildings. However glass can be heavy over large areas and potentially can crack or shatter. Elements such as Polycarbonate (Opal and Clear) ; PERSPEX Frost and Pexiglas provide a viable option with materials that are safer to handle and require less support structures than glass.


What to do after the final piece of the jigsaw is completed


Andre Fernandes spent a few weeks completing a huge puzzle measuring 5700mm x 1500 featuring dozens of animals. On completion of the puzzle he wanted to protect the fruits of his labour by a clear overlay.

Standard acrylic or standard polycarbonate sheets are not available in larger sheets than 3000 x 2000. Allplastics recommended an alternative of clear, unbreakable polycarbonate cut from a spool 2540mm Wide x 5700mm which allowed Andre to cover the artwork. "The result looks terrific" commented Andre "the advice offered by Allplastics allows me to invite friends and family to walk around the big puzzle without disrupting any pieces".

Polycarbonate is available in clear or opal spools which can be used for a number of applications where continuous lengths without visible joints are required.


Mel's Storage Unit – a Cut Above in HSC

 Allplastics supplies and assists High school students with a variety of materials and services for their major HSC artworks in design and technology projects.

Melanie Altit approached Allplastics with a requirement for black acrylic panels and advice for gluing.

"The brief I created was to design and construct a storage unit for make-up artist and hairdressers to neatly and effectively store and easily transport beauty products" said Mel.


New Perspex ® Sweet Pastels Vibrant and Inspiring


Allplastics have added a new range of PERSPEX® brand colours which allows the designer to create vibrant displays in 8 delicious colours which can be "picked and mixed" for stunning effect!
The colour innovation is trend focused and allows us to bring out the fashionista inside all of us while recalling childhood memories of bright pastel crayons!
The Sweet Pastel range is available in 3mm Thick x 3050mm x 2030mm sheets with one surface gloss and the other satin, thus allowing the designer the flexibility of choice of reflection or matt finish depending on the situation. (scroll down to read more)



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Allplastics Engineering Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian business specialising in the machining, fabrication and supply of polymer/ plastic materials for industrial, building and architectural applications
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