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As a sheet or rod, PLEXIGLAS® LED (EndLighten T) glows over its entire surface. The LED light is installed over the edge or end.
The patented light-guiding material distributes light evenly and provides high luminous efficiency.

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Product Information

Key Features


  • LED light is emitted across the surface with a high efficiency of 70-97%.
  • No disturbing patterns that generate hot spots
  • In its unlit state: crystal-clear
  • When illuminated: impressively pleasant light
  • Improved light diffusion towards the viewer
  • Unique patented technology
  • Uniform light distribution across the entire surface

Applications and Functions

  • Sheets: for super-slim backlit posters, displays and signs. Thin decorative wall panels glow in the color of the LEDs, creating thin area lighting elements. The alternation between the play of LED light and the unlit crystal-clear transparency provides new design options.
  • Rods: touches of light in architecture, design or in furniture, exhibition booths and store fixtures; individual luminaires; self-illuminated light guides



  • Machining PLEXIGLAS® (Ref. no. 311-1)
  • Forming PLEXIGLAS® (Ref. no. 311-2) The bending radius should be more than 6 times the sheet thickness or rod diameter in order for the light to follow the curvature.
  • (The scratch-resistant grade cannot be formed).
  • Joining PLEXIGLAS® (Ref. no. 311-3)
  • Surface treatment of PLEXIGLAS® (Ref. no. 311-4). Surface defects can be removed by polishing to completely restore the material's lighting engineering properties.
  • Fabricating Tips for PLEXIGLAS® Solid Sheets (Ref. no. 311-5)

Installation & Setup

  • Complete light guiding is only achieved after the masking film is removed.
  • For optimum luminous efficiency, please make sure to choose the suitable grade (SM, L, XL, XXL).
  • Polish all edges to minimize light loss. Edges that are not provided with LEDs should be covered with white reflective material.
  • Bonding, lamination and printing disturb the light guiding effect and lead to less uniform illumination.
  • Install LEDs close to the edge so that the light cone is completely fed into the material.
  • Weak points in the overall LED system reduce the overall performance. Please select the right LEDs and LED heat management.



Availability of PLEXIGLAS® LED:

  • Size (mm):  3050mm x 2030mm
  • Thickness (mm): 6,10mm

*Special orders subject to minimum order quantity.


If you have a question or need further information please use our contact form and our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.


How to supply artwork
For quotes please fill in our contact form and upload a PDF file with dimensions. For profile e.g CNC Routing cutting please supply an EPS, DXF or DWG file.
If you need more information on how to supply your artwork. Please contact us on 9417 6111
For custom design work a prototype is often the best way to communicate and sell the idea to your client or to finesse the design work. Talk to us about your unique project. Prototypes are charged for although if an order is placed the prototype fee is usually waived.
Care and cleaning
Acrylic and Perspex, Plexiglass products require special care and not all cleaners are suitable for use. Please see our cleaners and adhesives section for guidelines on care and cleaning.


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