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Dear Customers , specifiers and suppliers, Allplastics Engineering is providing a range of custom made acrylic; polycarbonate and PETG screens and barriers for a diverse range of healthcare and business centres. Due to COVID restrictions announced by the New South Wales government on Saturday the 17th of July we request that all visitors to our showroom be restricted to manufacturing related enquiries and with appointments. All orders need to be picked by "call and collect without contact" from our warehouse only. All couriers to observe social distancing and QR code regulations. Together we will get through this.

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Look here! Allplastics at Vivid!

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Vivid Sydney attracted a record 1.43 million visitors with more than 50 free site installations and projections.“Made You Look” was installed last month as part of this year’s Vivid Festival. It was designed and installed by Ben Farrar, James Alexander Hatziplis, Marrie Claire Dent and Nicholas Grimes.The installation is made up of many mirrored and iridescent Acrylic panels supplied by Allplastics. The varying shapes come together to form a canopy that was suspended from the Cahill Expressway, next to the museum of Contemporary Arts.Using a camera that is pointed at the site and projectors which live stream that image onto the canopy, the installation comes to life and invites the visitor to stop, reflect and enjoy their surrounding in a way which was not previously envisaged.



Ben Farrar who was one of the designers of “Made You Look” commented “we are really pleased with the way the installation was accepted by visitors”. He added “the Acrylic mirror and iridescent mirror looks beautiful, we appreciate the great cooperation from the Allplastics team”.Iridescent Acrylic sheets have a surface coating on one side that is responsible for the lighting effect, brilliant colours and incredible effects are created to attract attention, take advantage of this magical play at colours for your displays, signage, store decor, light pendants, store decor and fixtures to draw attention and amazement.Acrylic Mirrors are available in more than 12 colours from Allplastics and are a great alternative to glass due to their lightweight and ease of cutting as well safety aspects.


Materials supplied:


   Plexiglas® Iridescent


Product Information - EuroMirror®

Key Features

  • Easier and safer to handle than glass
  • Excellent shatter resistance
  • Highly tough back coating
  • Lightweight material
  • Reflective qualities are second to none

Applications and Functions

  • Child care centers
  • Dance studio walls
  • Food service applications
  • Panels in venues e.g. night clubs, casinos, and children toys
  • Point Of Sale and cosmetic displays
  • Slat and decorative walls
  • Store design and fit outs
  • Suitable only for internal applications
  • Visual merchandising

Availability EuroMirror® sheets:

  • Size (mm): 3000 x 2000
  • Thickness (mm): 3
  • *Silver also available in 6 and 10 against special orders


  • Amber
  • Anthracite
  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Night Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Sky Blue
  • Yellow

Mirror® sheets:

  • Size (mm): 2440 x 1220
  • Thickness (mm): 3 (Silver is also available in 2mm)


  • Gold
  • Silver

Note: Allplastics also supply mirror adhesive which can be used to adhere Euromir® to timber, concrete, MOF without affecting the backing of the mirror.

Please also make sure that the surface which the acrylic mirror is being attached to is flat. (Colours shown on this page are a guidline only)

We provide Cut-to-Size and Shape Service for all materials


Product Information - Plexiglas® Iridescent

Key Features

  • Can be thermoformed
  • Changes its colour depending in the viewing angle
  • Easily sawed, milled, drilled and polished
  • Produces mirror like reflections
  • Shines in every colour of the rainbow
  • Uses ambient light to create its own lighting effects

Applications and Functions

  • Eye catching items
  • Signs and signage
  • Store fixtures

Note: not suitable for the outdoors or applications where moisture may penetrate the superficial film, resulting in "bubbling".

Availability Plexiglas® Iridescent sheets:

  • Size (mm): 3000 x 1620
  • Thickness (mm): 3
  • Colour: Clear (Shines in every colour of the rainbow spectrum)

Please note: Colours shown on this page are a guidline only
We provide Cut-to-Size and Shape Service for all materials


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