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Dear Customers , specifiers and suppliers, Allplastics Engineering is providing a range of custom made acrylic; polycarbonate and PETG screens and barriers for a diverse range of healthcare and business centres. Due to COVID restrictions announced by the New South Wales government on Saturday the 17th of July we request that all visitors to our showroom be restricted to manufacturing related enquiries and with appointments. All orders need to be picked by "call and collect without contact" from our warehouse only. All couriers to observe social distancing and QR code regulations. Together we will get through this.

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No need to travel 54 million light years to see a Black Hole

black hole

In April 2019, Scientists revealed, with the use of the Event Horizon Telescope, they were able to capture the first photographs of a black hole. The black hole is at the centre of M87 - a galaxy 54 million light years away!

We at Allplastics Engineering Architectural Division, believe there is a simpler and more beautiful way of observing black holes……AIR-Board Black!

New design panel for interior and acoustic applications
With the new "black AIR-board®" product series, Design Composite not only follows the ongoing trend towards clear shapes and colours


but also gives the clever thermoplastic panels even more impact in terms of design and lighting effect.
Black is the reduction to basics. It is the colour in which light, shadows, nuances, textures and tones come into their own, since there is no reflection and no overexposure to the eye. The result of these effects makes the new panels a highlight in every room and venue.

Whether as a room divider, privacy screen or acoustic panel, the black plastic panels offer impact with their unique look and flexible design options. In some lighting applications, the black panels even develop a fascinating, iridescent life of their own.
In addition, the black composite panels master the balancing act between translucence and privacy in a new way. Translucence and light-scattering effects complement the unique technical properties such as fire resistance (UV PC flame retardant), low weight and very high rigidity, making the decorative panels extremely attractive for a wide range of applications.

The panels with AIR-board® honeycomb core and polycarbonate or acrylic facing sheets are especially suitable as decorative elements such as UV-resistant sun protection in interior design or as a multifunctional acoustic panel in modern office concepts, administrative buildings, hotel and entertainment venues but also in areas beyond the workplace. Everything is possible, from the visually appealing and translucent partition in the office to the comprehensive shop or trade fair design.
Thanks to the timeless look and the large number of variants, the panels and the acoustic system can be easily integrated and offer high quality and interesting room solutions using large format and perfectly stable elements.

Allplastics will be receiving shipments in September 2019, we recommend reserving orders to avoid disappointed. 


The honeycomb cores, available in three different sizes, for our AIR-board® series can be combined with various transparent or coloured facing sheets. The different layers and different core structures allow a variety of imaginative design options. Recommended for indoor applications only.

  • Availability: From September 2019
  • Sheet Size: 3020mm x 1000mm
  • Thickness: 19mm


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