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Allplastics Engineering & Architectural Plastics

Polyurethane Scrapers Looking After our Beaches


Invented back in the 1930s by Professor Dr. Otto Bayer, Polyurethane (PU) or urethane is an elastomeric material available in a wide range of hardness from eraser soft to cricket ball hard. There are different types of polyurethanes, used in a diversity of products from coatings and adhesives to shoe soles and mining components. However, the basic chemistry of each type is essentially the same.

Widespread use of polyurethanes was first seen during World War II, when they were utilised as a replacement for rubber, which at the time was expensive and hard to obtain.


ALUCOBOND® Mirrors: A Safer Solution for Studios and Gyms


ALUCOBOND® is a composite panel consisting of an aluminum mirror front and white back cover sheets and a mineral-filled polymer core.

This is a great alternative to other materials that require minimum pre finish preparation. Simply applied to almost any flat internal wall in buildings and structures with ease of installation time and cost. This is the case of many gyms and studios, where mirrors are an essential feature but can also mean additional high maintenance costs. Alucobond mirrors offer a great option that gives optimum reflection and ensures safety from impact as well as cost efficiency.


Satin Acrylic Sheets with the Velvet Touch


The Allplastics Architectural division is pleased to add a new range of satin surface finish cast acrylic sheets to our niche range of architectural and building materials.

DONCHAMP® Velvet sheets are available in range of neutral and bright colours. We are stocking the popular V2 (Velvet on both sides) Chalk (White Satin); Frozen (Clear Satin) and Crystal Green in 6mm thick and 10mm thick with a European metric sheet size of 3050mm x 2030mm.

Other colours are manufactured with minimum order quantities including Sunshine; Pumpkin; Apple Red; Cherry; Lavender; Aqua; Lime; Lollipop and Deep Blue.


DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard Transparent Acrylic Noise Barriers


Allplastics Engineering are proud to have been chosen as a distributor of the DONCHAMP® range of Acrylics which includes the DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard noise barrier transparent acrylic panel range, within Australia.

The exponential growth in highway and bridge infrastructure projects across the Australian continent has resulted in tremendous demand for noise abatement solutions.

In today’s urban environment noise abatement and mitigation are indispensable requirements for motorways, tunnels and bridges, which are in close proximity to 


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Allplastics Engineering Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian business specialising in the machining, fabrication and supply of polymer/ plastic materials for industrial, building and architectural applications
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