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Allplastics Engineering & Architectural Plastics

The COVID-19 Vaccine and Engineered Plastics


Over the last 12 months the world has been dramatically changed as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The urgency of developing an effective vaccine has been a priority for many countries, health organisations and pharmaceutical companies including Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and CSL.

The packaging of pharmaceuticals in bottles/ vials requires appropriate change parts such as star-wheels, scrolls, wear guides, conveyor curves, slats, rail protectors, machine guards, which allow the flow of the containers in the manufacturing line rapidly and safely.


Coloured Acrylic Ceiling and Wall Features in Bars


Allplastics offers designers, builders and project managers coloured Euromir Acrylic sheets which is a much safer alternative to glass in venues such as bars, clubs, VIP lounges, casinos and food courts.At half the weight of glass, Euromir is much easier to handle than glass.

Available in Silver, Bronze, Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow. It can be pre cut using CNC routers, lasers or panel saws. For cladding of ceilings care should be taken to adhere the acrylic mirror to a perfectly rigid/flat surface such as MDF to avoid “warping” or “wavy” looks. (Please refer to the installation guide on our website).


Keeping the Rain and Wind Out During Storms


The advent of decorative metal elements in residential, educational and commercial fit outs can add value and a touch of mystery to buildings.

However heavy rains and winds can penetrate the openings in the decorative panels causing damage as well as the risk of unexpected slips and injuries in hallways or common areas.

Allplastics can provide clear or tinted acrylic panels cut to size and shape which can be installed on the outside or inside of steal or aluminum decorative panels. 


We’re Nuts About Food Safety and Displays


The recent upswing in the preservation of food hygiene has been underscored due to the Covid19 pandemic. Businesses have reacted with innovative methods of cleanliness in both the retail and manufacturing industries.

At Allplastics Engineering, we have in turn assisted many businesses providing acrylic sneeze guards and polycarbonate barriers for numerous applications. We were the obvious choice for retail premises such as chemist shops, post offices, medical centres, hotels and many more.

One interesting project recently completed was a bespoke display for a distributor of 


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Allplastics Engineering Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian business specialising in the machining, fabrication and supply of polymer/ plastic materials for industrial, building and architectural applications
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